Mission , Vision & Goals


  • Exercise authentic research that will enrich industry-academia collaboration.
  • Meet the requirements of businesses by increasing productivity and industrial output of the country.
  • Boost economic growth by introducing advance revolutionary trends in society, that will transform the way we live and work.

To emerge as a leading R & D facility of Haptics and Human Robotics in the form of an autonomous, self-sustained and stable lab.


  • The Lab will specifically deal with the design and development of Haptic/Tele-robotic interfaces (for Disaster Management and Medical Applications) and STEM-based Education/Assistive Robots
  • Skilled force development i.e. Training of masters/PhD graduates with commercialization of the products and solutions
  • Embedded System based prototype development and direct solution delivery for local industry
  • Providing Consultancy service to local industry, educational centres and structuring industry-academic collaborations, paving the roots of entrepreneurial start-ups
  • Arranging Workshops/seminars/conferences and trainings
  • Signing MOUs between partners and beneficiaries for sustainable technology driven socioeconomic development