The Haptics, Human Robotics and Condition Monitoring Lab at NEDUET Karachi is the affiliated Lab of the National Centre for Robotics and Automation (NCRA) which is a consortium of 11 labs over 13 universities of Pakistan. The National Centre of Robotics and Automation was inaugurated in College of EME (NUST) on 09th May- 2018. It has been serving as a leading technological hub within the domain of Robotics and Automation (http://ncra.org.pk/).

Great Efforts has been made by Principal Investigator and Lab Director Dr. Riaz Uddin with the guidance and support from the honorable Vice Chancellor Dr. Sarosh Hashmat Lodi and Dean Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering Dr. Saad Ahmed Qazi, who made it possible after passing through tough and challenging selection process by HEC and Planning Commission of Pakistan. Their strong Commitment to the noble cause, enthusiasm, dedication and devotion made a dream come true in the form of prestigious and unique R & D Facility in the domain of Haptics and Human-Robotics at NED university of Engineering and Technology Karachi.