Dr. Riaz Uddin
Assistant Professor
Lab Director & Principal Investigator
NCRA- Haptics Human Robotics & Condition Monitoring Lab, NEDUET Karachi,Pakistan.


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Dr. Riaz Uddin received his BE and M.Engg degrees from the Department of Electrical Engineering, from NED University of Engineering and Technology in 2005 and 2008, respectively. He received his PhD Degree in Mechatronics in 2016 from (Human-Robotics Lab) GIST, South Korea. His PhD research is based on research projects from the international industries/organizations such as Agency for Defense Development (ADD Korea), National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF), Ministry of Science, ICT & Future Planning and Industrial fusion strategic technology development program, Basic Research Projects in High-tech Industrial Technology, and Global Frontier R&D Program, Ministry of Industries, Korea. During these projects, He has also been the part of Haptic Technology Research Center (HTRC), South Korea. He is the inventor of Predictive Energy Bounding Algorithm (EBA) for Stable & Transparent Haptic Teleoperation Control and published the state-of-the-art systematic review for Predictive Teleoperation Control Approaches. He is also the designer of the tactile sensing based suture attachment force measurement device. He is also a very active reviewer of reputed journals from IEEE, Elsevier and Springer. He is currently working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering at NED University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi, Pakistan (initially joined as lecturer in 2005), where he is responsible to teach undergraduate/ Masters/ PhD courses majorly related to Controls, Robotics, Mechatronics, and Power Systems Control along with supervising Masters and PhD students. In addition, he is also working as Deputy Management Representative ISO 9000 / Deputy Director Quality Enhancement Cell of the University. He has been the Co-Convenor, Conference Chair and Deputy Chief Organizer of International Electrical Engineering Conference (IEEC-2016, -2017, (-2018, -2019 & -2020), respectively). In 2018, He won a mega project for establishing Haptics, Human-Robotics and Condition Monitoring Lab affiliated Lab of National Center of Robotics and Automation (NCRA) by Planning Commission (PC)/ HEC, Pakistan. This lab is the Joint Lab of NED-MUET and he is the Principal Investigator. The lab will focus on the design and development of Tele-manipulation Robots for the disaster management applications and fabrication of STEM-based Education/Assistive Robots. He (along with his team) recently invented a Smart Suture Force Measurement device that is accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement (Top Journal worldwide in general instrumentation and measurements). “He (along with his team) recently designed low-cost ventilator (NED-Ventilator) in this COVID-19 pandemic, whose initial progress was covered by International & multiple Local Media such BBC world, BBC Urdu, Dunya News, 92 News, 24 News, GTV, Hum TV along with official social media platforms FB/Youtube etc.”

Dr Abdurrahman

Dr. Abdurrahman Javid Shaikh
NCRA - Haptics, Human Robotics & Condition Monitoring Lab, NEDUET Karachi, Pakistan

Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, NED University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi.

Dr. Abdurrahman Javid Shaikh received PhD (Photonics) from the Universiti Sains Malaysia in 2019. He is experienced faculty member with a demonstrated record of working at national and international universities. He is proficient in robotic devices and systems, STEM Robotics, computational electromagnetics, device TCAD, 3D modelling, design and optimization of optoelectronic and passive photonic sensors for robotics and SoC applications.


Waqas Saeed
Business Development Manager
NCRA - Haptics  Human Robotics & Condition Monitoring Lab, NEDUET Karachi, Pakistan

Waqas is passionate & enthusiast about cutting edge technologies especially artificial intelligence and Robotics. He loves to work in a hybrid environment with both business and technology skillset. Having associated with Huawei Saudi Arabia for six years, he gained an international exposure in technology business. Waqas holds MBA in Marketing from the Institute of Business Administration- Karachi. He graduated from the NED university of Engineering and Technology-Karachi in 2007 where he received his Bachelors of Engineering degree in Telecommunications. He was associated with Wateen Telecom before he got admission in IBA in 2008. At Haptics Lab, he is responsible to bring in industrial projects, promote academic-industrial collaboration, obtain funding from external sources and formulating a marketing strategy of products.


Ahsan Ahmed

Team Lead, NCRA-Haptics  Human Robotics & Condition Monitoring Lab, NEDUET Karachi, Pakistan.

is a passionate computer systems engineer. He received his BE in computer and Information Systems Engineering from NEDUET in 2016. He is an experienced Robotics Team Leader with rich automation & defense industry experience in developing top-notch electromechanical marvels for various clients. He has an aptitude for learning and integrating the latest technologies, leading technical teams to deliver operational excellence with limited resources.

Dr Ayaz

Dr Muhammad Ayaz Shirazi
Senior Researcher
NCRA - Haptics  Human Robotics & Condition Monitoring Lab, NEDUET Karachi, Pakistan.

Dr. Muhammad Ayaz Shirazi received his bachelor degree in Electronic Engineering from NED University of Engineering & Technology, Pakistan in December, 2011. He joined Optomechatronics and Multiscale Robotics Lab, Kyungpook National University as PhD student and received his PhD degree in Electronic Engineering in February, 2018. He also worked as postdoctoral researcher in Augmented Reality Research Center, KAIST. He has published his research in International journals and good conferences. His research interests include Deep Learning, Digital Image Processing, Consumer Electronics, Structured Light Imaging, Zoom Lens Calibration and 3D Hand-held scanning.

Muhammad Affan
Research Associate
NCRA - Haptics  Human Robotics & Condition Monitoring Lab, NEDUET Karachi, Pakistan.


Muhammad Affan is an Electrical Engineering Graduate from NEDUET and has joined the NCRA-NEDUET team in May 2019. He aims to extend his research expertise in Robotics, Automation & Soft Computing techniques by working at NCRA-NEDUET. His current work encompasses model-based and model-free control methodologies. With his work, he aspires to make a lasting impact by revolutionizing engineering, pioneering new ideas and enhancing the lives of masses.
Research Interests: Model-Predictive Control, Deep Reinforcement Learning.










Muhammad Ahmed
Research Assistant
NCRA - Haptics  Human Robotics & Condition Monitoring Lab, NEDUET Karachi, Pakistan.

Muhammad Ahmed graduated from NED UET Karachi as an Electrical engineer in 2018. Currently, he is enrolled in MS Mechatronics at NEDUET. He joined NCRA-NEDUET in November, 2019. His scope of work is embedded control and design (analog, mechanical and software), Robotics and Bio-medical Systems. He is highly motivated to carve new paths in control and automation in urge of improving the life style of human race.

Saad Wasif

Muhammad Saad Wasif
Research Assistant
NCRA - Haptics  Human Robotics & Condition Monitoring Lab, NEDUET Karachi, Pakistan.

Muhammad Saad Wasif received his BE degree from the Department of Electrical Engineering from NED University of Engineering and Technology in 2020. He has good expertise in embedded systems design, industry 4.0 technologies and developing end to end products. Apart from the academics, during his Bachelors, he was actively participating in extracurricular activities. He was President of NSA-NEDUET society and Chairperson of IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology). 

Sadiq Rasheed

Sadiq Rasheed
Research Assistant
NCRA - Haptics  Human Robotics & Condition Monitoring Lab, NEDUET Karachi, Pakistan.

Sadiq Rasheed has completed his B.E in Electrical Engineering from NEDUET Karachi in 2020. He joined NCRA-NEDUET team in November 2020. He looks forward to refine his skills in the field of control systems engineering and robotics. Currently, he is involved in the research which is related to the impact of internet-based communication systems and protocols specifically on the Tele-operated systems.

Interests: Feed-back Control systems, Continuous Process improvement through automation.