STEM Education

Beginner Level

Beginner level consists of basics concepts starting from blinking of
LED then Ohms Law , DC motor working principle and then some
digital/analog IC based circuit capable of sensing physical parameters like
Smoke, Clap sound, temperature. Seven segment display and Mobile
charging sources will also be explained.

Intermediate Level

Intermediate level consists of mid-way concepts which involve
controllers for performing specific task. Starting from the overview of
Arduino controller hardware and software then will practice task like blinking
of LED through Timers, interfacing of Displays, how to use keypad,
Temperature Sensors analog interfacing and then DC motors speed control
and servo motor position control.

Advance Level

Advance level consist of Robotics and Automation concepts starting
from Line following Robot, home Water level tank automation, driving
Autonomous car, Radar sensing range, 2 DOF robotic arm, AC appliance
switching, wireless weather station and then Home Automation.